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We are united!
Dear international colleagues! Thank you for participating in the V International Municipal BRICS+ Forum and welcome!
This year we have decided to conduct a research for the representatives of the countries involved in the V International Municipal BRICS+ Forum with the slogan "We are united!"

We live in a world headed towards global changes in cooperation based on mutual respect for traditions and cultural diversity. We advocate for unification and well-being of our people through joint projects.

In a project of any scale, the interaction is not limited to one between countries and companies - it is the connection of the people representing them.

Each country has its own culture, its own business protocols and certain business traditions which form the missions and corporate ethics of companies by implementing the vision and core values both within corporations and in external partnerships.

All of the above is based on a set of values, sometimes formed over centuries! Are we able to properly understand and consider them in our relationships?

If we wish to pursue a new format of cooperation, it is crucial to acquire a deeper understanding of the values that are personally important to all of us, values that bring us together and acceptance of values of the diverse cultural mosaic that is our world. This mindset will ensure that our partnerships, joint projects and alliances are built on profound understanding and acceptance.

After processing the results of the research, you will receive them in an email! We would also like to extend an invitation to join us at an engaging and inclusive full–time platform at the Forum on November 9-10, 2023 in St. Petersburg. We will put together a list, and work out the interpretations of values that are important for successful international cooperation.

Thank you for your time and contribution to our friendly enterprise.
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